Different Types of Contemporary Art

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What is Contemporary Art?

The term contemporary art means art of the current era. It is a term that encompasses a wide range of art produced in the present day. It can be found in a variety of settings, including galleries, museums, and private collections. Contemporary art is often characterized by its use of new technologies and media. Contemporary artists often explore social and political issues in their work, which can make it controversial and thought-provoking. Despite its diverse forms, contemporary art is united by its focus on the here and now. It is an ever-evolving field that continues to challenge our preconceptions about what art can be.

Contemporary abstract art is an artwork that uses abstraction which is a non-representational form in its composition. Contemporary art museums are institutions that hold collections of and host exhibitions of contemporary art. Contemporary abstract artists often use geometric shapes, bright colors and contemporary abstract art bold lines to create their work.

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Different Types of Contemporary Art

In this blog post we have listed different types of contemporary art i.e. sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, digital art/collage, photography, video art, installation art, land art, intervention art, and performance art. New fields of art have not only incorporated the visual arts but also pushed the boundaries of traditional Indian art.

So without any further delay let’s have a look at these different types of contemporary art.

Contemporary art painting
  • Painting

All paintings produced today can be recognized as contemporary paintings. Painting is an ancient practice of smearing colored mud on wood or woven fabric. It has become and continues to be a valid medium for human exploration and expression. It also includes recurring themes such as beauty, tradition, desire, the body and spirituality to name a few. Painting’s ability to provide a sense of completeness and integrity is what distinguishes it in a fragmented and postmodern era.

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  • Sculpture

Sculpture is an art form that transforms solid or plastic materials into three-dimensional works of art. The designs can take the form of freestanding objects, reliefs on surfaces, or environments ranging from tableaux to enveloping contexts.

Sculpture is not a fixed term that refers to a fixed category of objects or sets of activities. It is, rather, the name of an art form that is constantly expanding its range of activities and evolving new types of objects.

  • Drawing

Drawing has a long history in art, but it has long been used as an important means of expression. Artists frequently use drawing because it enhances their ability to communicate with viewers, leading to more direct visual communication and allowing for more innovative ideas to be displayed. Artists often use drawing to explore issues of identity and culture, as well as to express complex ideas and emotions.

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  • Collage

A collage is a type of visual art that combines visual elements to create a new image that conveys a message or idea. Collage refers to both the technique and the finished work of art that involves arranging and adhering scraps of paper, photographs, fabric and other ephemera to a supporting surface. Collage is divided into several subgenres, including photomontage, fabric collage, and decoupage, each of which offers a variation on the basic form.

process of printing with dye
  • Printmaking

Contemporary printmaking is thriving, with artists exploring new digital avenues, revitalizing age-old techniques and printing on and with unconventional materials and tools. Printmaking like drawing, appears to be experiencing a revival. Artists seek a handmade product that can be reproduced and demonstrates the flaws and variations between one formal mode and the next as if each copy is a new original.

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  • Photography

Photography is defined as the process of capturing light and images with a camera. Photographers today can create photographic images with either an analog or digital camera.

As we know contemporary art refers to artworks created in the present or very recent past. Contemporary artists are usually still alive and actively working. As a result, contemporary photography can be defined as a photograph taken in our lifetime.

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  • Video Art

Films, video recordings and video projections are used as the creative or expressive medium in video art. Video art is frequently site-specific and it can be installed, exhibited, viewed and recorded in various locations.

Moving images, sound and time are the three main components of video art. Other sensory elements such as temperature, humidity, texture and smell can also be included. Artists’ use of moving images is perhaps the most obvious.

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  • Digital Art / Collage

The modern digital collage has evolved into a fundamental graphic design technique. These works of art, created in Photoshop, are typically curated by a design team with unlimited stock images, as evidenced by the addition of seemingly pointless elements that add nothing to the graphic’s clarity and serve only to decorate. In a nutshell, Digital Collage is a type of graphic art that is created by combining various types of images, textures and concepts to create an entirely new composition. You make a digital collage out of your available resources and different media types.

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  • Installation Art

Installation artworks frequently take up an entire room or gallery space that the viewer must walk through in order to fully engage with the work of art. Some installations, on the other hand, are intended to be simply walked around and contemplated, or are so fragile that they can only be seen from a doorway or one end of a room.

 What distinguishes installation art from sculpture or other traditional art forms is that it is a unified experience rather than a collection of separate, individual artworks. A dominant theme in installation art is the emphasis on how the viewer experiences the work and the desire to provide an intense experience for them.

Land Art Image
  • Land Art

Back in the days, land art was a part of the larger conceptual art movement. Land art, also known as earth art, is art created directly in the landscape by sculpting the land into earthworks or building structures in the landscape.

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  • Intervention Art

Art intervention is a method of interacting with people, a work of art, or a specific location. It is conceptual art that may also be performance art depending on the ideas behind the work. The idea is that those involved “intervene” in normal activities or beliefs through artistic expression to effect change. The scope of the intervention is primarily determined by the interventionist’s imagination and artistic vision.

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  • Performance Art

Usually, paintings or sculptures are finished while the artist is alone and are shown to others later, but Performance Art does not work quite that way. Performance artists try to show something more random and improvised.

Performance art can be used for a number of purposes. Sometimes the artist wishes to make a serious point about an issue, such as global warming or world hunger. At times, it’s more amusing and humorous.

Examples of contemporary art

The most popular examples of contemporary art are:

  • Contemporary Abstract Paintings
  • Modern Pop Art Paintings
  • Street Art
  • Graffiti Art
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Some common examples of contemporary art:

  • Contemporary Photography Installation art
  • Conceptual art
  • Performance art
  • Mixed media art
  • Film and video

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